Over ten years ago, Graeme co-founded a company called “TomorrowToday”. It remains an innovation in the speaking world – a company of experts who not only collaborate in developing new frameworks, presentations and workshops, but also act as substitutes for each other. When we started the company, we were told it would never work. But we have proved otherwise.

When you’re selling experts who speak, rather than good speakers who’re trying to find things to say, we have found that clients are prepared to work with our international team. We’re able to provide speakers and facilitators with the perfect match of content, expertise, style and personality for any of our client needs, and put together Leadership Development Programmes that pull together a range of experts and teaching styles. We also partner with consultants and trainers who are able to apply our frameworks in very practical ways when our clients request that we help them implement what we have been presenting and workshopping with them.

Unlike other consultancies we do not use a packaged or off the shelf approach. Rather we offer a highly personalised and tailored approach. We start by showing you the “why” and then work with you to determine the “what” and “how”. You will experience a unique and uplifting engagement because we use an Appreciative Enquiry approach, focusing on your strengths rather than the negatives.

“TomorrowToday brought fresh thinking and energy to the engagement. We touch many thousands of clients with their service differentiator”.
Sharon Kersten: Managing Director, Old Mutual Retail Bank
(Click here to see Sharon talking about us on a 3 minute YouTube video)

We have a team of local and international subject and industry experts who are able to assist you get more from less by focusing on the following areas:

  • Understanding the world around you
  • Strategy development and execution
  • Improve leader, team and talent engagement and performance
  • Elevate customer experience and marketing performance

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