Facilitation and Compere

Graeme in actionWhether you need someone to manage the continuity as a master of ceremonies at your event or conference, or an expert outsider to facilitate your next strategy session or workshop, Graeme is available to assist you and your team achieve the outcomes you’re looking for.

Typically, he can combine these roles with his role as an expert presenter and provider of strategic insights. And, often, since he is with you anyway, this comes at minimal extra cost to yourself.

As a facilitator, Graeme uses a variety of techniques to help you achieve your desired outcomes. He particularly recommends a process based on the ParticiPlan concept, and he prefers an appreciative enquiry approach. He will work with you before the event to ensure he understands not only what you want to achieve, but also has a grasp of the context, the culture and the personalities that might shape your event. He is then able to keep you and your team on track, and guide you through your sessions.

Contact him to chat about your requirements.

“Graeme facilitated a day long strategy development session with the Academy for Chief Executives. I was impressed with his approach before the event as he worked hard to understand both our context and our specific outcomes, and then custom-designed a process that would work for us. On the day, his facilitation style allowed everyone to contribute, but ensured that no-one dominated proceedings, and he led us masterfully through some difficult issues to an excellent outcome for our meeting. Graeme has an excellent ability to manage a meeting, guide discussions without imposing himself, and ensure that you reach your desired outcomes. I highly recommend him as a facilitator for strategy development sessions.”
Simon Lester, Executive Chairman, Academy for Chief Executive

Watch a video of Graeme facilitating the DHL Innovation Forum in Germany: