Graeme’s passion is to help people understand the world around them and see it through other people’s eyes. His greatest joy in life is when he sees the lights going on in people’s eyes as they experience an ‘aha moment’. He therefore makes a whole host of resources available. Follow the links in the list below:

Published books – Graeme does not write as often as his publishers wish he would. That’s because he believes in doing real research and filling his books with the best of his thinking that has had some time to grow and ruminate. He has published four books to date, all through Penguin, and is currently working on two new titles.

Graeme in action

E-zine newsletter – Graeme is a key contributor to the TomorrowToday ezine. It is sent every six weeks or so to over 12,000 subscribers, and includes the latest research and thinking from the whole TomorrowToday team. Sign up for free!

Blogs – Graeme contributes on a near daily basis to a number of different blogs, each with a slightly different focus. See the full list with descriptions.

Training programmes – Although his focus is primarily on keynote presentations, workshops and strategic insights, Graeme also packages some of his work into training programmes. These can be licensed and also delivered on a train the trainer basis. Look at the full list of packaged options, as well as a growing range of on-line, video based training materials.