Graeme in actionThank you for considering Graeme Codrington as an option for your next conference, away day or strategy session.

Graeme is part of the TomorrowToday team of presenters and experts on the new world of work (click here to download our company PDF brochure). He specialises in tracking the trends that will shape the world in the next decade and packaging this information into highly entertaining, thought-provoking presentations and workshops that are backed by the latest business research.

“Graeme’s talks are always inspiring and thought-provoking; his topics are well-researched and the message, although serious, is delivered in a humorous and informal manner. The presentations are always extremely well received by our audiences and the talks have certainly had a favourable impact on the way in which we conduct business.” – Alan Swiegers, Chief Operating Officer, Deloitte

Graeme has over ten years of experience as a keynote presenter and facilitator, is the author of three best-selling books and a guest lecturer at four top business schools, including the London Business School (find out more here). Graeme has an impressive client list and testimonials. You can watch him in action on some videos uploaded at this site (see a 3 minute introductory video below). You can use the menus above to look around Graeme’s site, see his resources and make sure that he can really add value to your organisation with what he does.

Graeme’s latest presentation is “After Shock: The TIDES of change” which looks at the five disruptive forces that will shape your industry in the next decade. He provides compelling evidence, case studies and practical responses that you and your organisation can make, as you seek to gain a competitive advantage as we emerge out of recession (see more detail here). Graeme also has a presentation or workshop for each of the five trends, including his award-winning, “Mind the Gap” which looks at different generations, and “Beyond the Hype” which focuses on the impact that social media will have on business and society. Click on the icons below for more details.

After Shock     Mind the Gap     Beyond the Hype     The Talent Challenge     Beyond Strategy     The Future is Now    

You can see a full list of Graeme’s other presentations here, and a list of the whole TomorrowToday team’s presentations and abilities here.

Graeme’s presentations and workshops are always customised to your event and your specific desired outcomes. Please contact him to discuss your requirements, and to make arrangements to have Graeme present to your team, at your conference or spend some time with you at your next strategy session.

And now for the best bit… The team at TomorrowToday UK have just put together a special offer for the months of May through July 2010. If you make a booking for either of these three months, we will be able to offer you a 20% discount on our standard fees – just quote “Offer 2010-03”.

Contact Graeme on or +44 7595 179362.

Intro to Graeme Codrington

Video available at YouTube

“This was one of the best sessions we’ve had in the last 5 years. Graeme did a fabulous job presenting important information in a very entertaining way. It was absolutely fantastic!” – Stephanie Porter, Director: Customer Programs, Amdocs Marketing Group