Testimonials and client comments

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Novartis“Thanks for a great session, you were grounded but inspirational. It was really impactful and there was a lot of positive feedback from a diverse audience. I really felt that we had the tools to enable the teams to experiment. … Our innovation champions in the business will reach out to you to discuss next steps.”
Jude Love, General Manager, Oncology Nordics, Novartis

LBS“I’m delighted to say I’ve worked with Graeme on a number of global, high-profile London Business School leadership development programmes. He’s just a dream to work with. He fuses creativity, client-focus and insight into the disruptive trends transforming business. He’s also a powerfully-engaging and entertaining speaker. If you get a chance, hire Graeme. Your programme participants will thank you for it.”
Greg Orme, London Business School

PA360“It was a pleasure to meet you. Thank you for kicking off the inaugural PA360 in such style! I’m delighted to say that the day was a resounding success, and we have had some fantastic feedback. Those who attended were very impressed with your presentation. It was a great start to a really exciting day, so a big thank you. I look forward to working with you again.”
Helen Danzey, PA360 Conference Producer, Incisive Media

Londonderry and Brook“It was a pleasure to meet you. Your presentation was fresh, informative and entertaining, I’m grateful to have attended. Thank you for the practical and useful content.”
Lin Kayton, Londonderry and Brook

HCComments from participants on Heidelberg Cement leadership programme, facilitated by DukeCE:

  • Very thought provoking
  • Good to reflect about the future and then bring it back to today’s action
  • One of the best presentations on any topic I have received in a long while, inspiring and thought provoking – excellent
  • Inspiring
  • Like how he taught and challenged us simultaneously. Programs like this need to make people uncomfortable and I think he helped a room of smart people see they needed to gain more awareness in a whole different domain. Created thirst and curiosity that will last well after today.
  • Has made me change the way I will look at the world as I manage my business line.
  • Excellent content and discussion. I think everyone was challenged to being forward thinking and asking good questions.

STA“Thanks so much for helping make yesterday be the success it was – your presentation content and professional skill in delivering a closing keynote after a long day was exceptional- thought provoking engaging with great humour too – a true professional! A big thanks too for working with us in the way that you did both pre and post the event.”
Marc Crothall, Chief Executive, Scottish Tourism Alliance

“I attended your session on Strategic Thinking in NJ. I wanted to let you know how much I thoroughly enjoyed listening to your presentation. It was inspiring, thought provoking and entertaining all at the same time. I will definitely follow up on some of your suggestions and hopefully come up with some of my own. Thank you for your time.”
Lamia Metwally, Trial Supply Operations Manager, Sanofi USA, on an Institute for Management Studies program

“Very engaging, extremely knowledgeable and an all round really great guy. He provides a unique perspective and makes his content and examples very relatable to the audience.”
Danny Hicks, O2 Enterprise

“Excellent presentation. Great content and you have exceptional presentation skills. Really touched a nerve with the challenges I am facing with the younger generation in my company.”
Geeven Moodley, MD Digsilent Buyisa

“Your presentation was both dynamic and powerful. You presented with grace, enthusiasm and passion, alongside your strong knowledge and vast experience in the field. The feedback from attendees has been exceptional.”
Natalie Orleow, Forum and Conference Coordinator, The University of Pretoria’s Gordon Institute of Business Science

“Thank you Graeme, your presentations were very impressive and helped me understand most of the challenges that I, as a managing partner have every day.”
Luis Alberto Cámara Puerto, Managing Partner, PKF Mexico

“I want to thank you for the inspiring talk and insights. We have received an extremely positive feedback from our leaders on your session. And personally I also got lots of food for thought both during the preparation, reading the book and the flow of the day.”
Patrizia Fogheri, P&O Director BAOS, Novo Nordisk Pharma

“Graeme Codrington is everything you would expect from a world class professional speaker and more. His highly valuable content about the Future of Speaking was tailored specifically for the audience of professional speakers at the recent Professional Speaking Association UK and Ireland Annual Conference. Graeme’s compelling delivery was enhanced with a clever and innovative use of video enabling him to interact with his future self which reinforced his powerful message for the audience – highly recommended!”
Mel Sherwood, Pitch and Presentation Specialist – Award Winning Speaker, Trainer and Coach

“Thanks again for the very interesting talk. It was a privilege to have you here. You got very positive feedback from students attending. Looking forward to working with you again in future.”
Adri Drotskie, MBA Director, Henley Business School

“Thank you for an outstandingly superb presentation you gave at our Annual Management Conference on Friday. We have been overwhelmed with very positive feedback about the insights that you shared with our managers in such a powerful and brilliantly well-presented way. Thank you for your wisdom and for being a significant contributor to what was a very successful day for us.” Michelle Davis, Head of Marketing, Wesbank

“We’ve had some fantastic feedback from the client and from their initial feedback survey, with quite a few people mentioning your presentation as their favourite piece. We’ll definitely be keeping you in mind for future events. ” Michael McClay, Roebuck Production

“Thank you once again for your new key note performance of “the enemy within” at our Conference. It was sublime and I received only positive feedback from many delegates!!!!” Ronald Schapendonk, Marketing Director EMEA, NEC Enterprise Solutions

“Dr Codrington gave a thought provoking, stimulating and amusing session at the annual meeting of BearingPoint Partners, a diverse group of international, senior leaders. The feedback on the session was very strong and the presentation was tailored closely to some of our key themes, particularly innovation and the digital opportunity. Dr Codrington made his analysis of the future of work relevant to our business, fun to explore and just a little bit scary in their scale and potential impact on all businesses and our world.” Richard Gartside, HR Director, BearingPoint

From LinkedIn: Nicholas Rumney: “There are two sorts of meetings you have with new people; transactional or transformational. Graeme was the latter. Over ten years ago I met him and he utterly changed my view of staff recruitment and training. We now train as if I am preparing every member of staff to leave and of course now they don’t need to. We have just been reassessed at Investors in People GOLD new standard and are only 3 steps off Platinum. there are only 2 other UK Midlands businesses at platinum. I have great, loyal, well trained, excited and fantastic staff which gives my customers a business class experience in optometry. OK we did it but who pushed us in the right direction? That’s right it was Graeme.”

Facebook logoTD Ameritrade“Spent this past Tuesday hanging out with Graeme Codrington, a leading Futurist (among a zillion other things) and quite possibly one of the most inspiring people I’ve encountered in over a decade. While I have always enjoyed reading up on topics like the Singularity, so much of it has felt like science fiction versus science fact. Graeme is the first person I’ve encountered who brings concrete examples of disruptive innovations that are quickly transporting us to a world we would have once thought unimaginable. And while there is plenty of room for bad things to happen along the way, his message was one of hope and optimism – the kind of hope and optimism that relies on fact over faith. That’s the kind of hope I can believe in. My optimism for a better world for my children has (at least temporarily) been restored. If you ever have a chance to bring a speaker into your organization, this is your man.” Christopher Kienle, MD Marketing, TD Ameritrade, via Facebook

Feedback from a leadership development programme session with Bonnier:

  • “Pushing the boundaries. You think you know a lot, and then this…”
  • “World-expanding. Inspiring. Changing the way we see the future.”
  • “Mind blowing. Really interesting session that puts everything in perspective.”
  • “So much new insights, brilliant!”
  • “Brilliant presentation.”

Better4Life logo“I was at the Learning and Innovation conference last week & wanted to thank you for sharing your insights, and for also reminding us to focus on how we treat people as a priority, versus only focusing on how we navigate the 4th industrial revolution’s changes. Despite the time limits, your presentation was a fresh breath of air. It held grace, hope and encouragement for us all. I was uplifted and restored to a deeper level of calm! Thank you so much.” Charlotte Jean Steenekamp, Nutritional Therapy, Movement, Green Living

Santam“I invited Graeme to come and talk at our leadership alumni event about disruptive change, and the impact it has on leadership in an organisation. I am pleased to say that Graeme really nailed it. His message kept the audience engaged and raised the level of thinking in the room. Graeme did an amazing job of weaving the topic into the role of leaders and how they need to change their game going forward.” Michael Brand, Manager: Skills Development, Santam

“Thank you very much for an exceptional presentation. It was engaging, thought provoking and perfectly positioned for our audience. The feedback from our delegates was very positive. You certainly have challenged us all! I would love to see you speak again, in fact, I would really love my two children to hear your presentation.” Julliette Morrison, Group Marketing Director Foodcorp

“Graeme’s presentation ‘Mind the Gap’ was fascinating, funny and thought-provoking. I doubt that any delegate came away without at least one idea that will change the way they look at their lives and their businesses. We received excellent feedback from our conference as a result.” Clive Viegas Bennett, CEO MGI Business Solutions Worldwide

“Graeme was recommended to me by my marketing consultant as an appropriate speaker for the National Conference of The Corporate Finance Network – and boy, was she right! His presentation content was mindblowing, his delivery was professional and stylish and his slides were spot on. If you need a keynote to speak at your event about the future of business, hire him! I lost count of the number of times I heard delegates discussing his presentation in the bar on the evening after the event!” Kirsty McGregor, Chairman The Corporate Finance Network

“Thank you so much for your inspiring presentation which certainly set the pace and standard for the Orchestrate programme – the feedback has been extremely positive and the reflections, references and spin off discussions continue. From a design perspective too it was spot on and has really opened the minds of the participants not just for the programme but for the strategic projects and of course for the workplace too.” Hazel Chapman, Course Co-ordinator, UCB (Courage to Lead)

CCLA.beSelected comments from UBM leader development programme in Germany, November 2014: So eye opening and thought provoking. I want to share everything he taught us. Current content – the most thought provoking for me, of the week. Very good speaker that provides loads of inspiration. Very energetic. Really set the stage for change and its implications for our business. A wonderful session packed with data and wit. Totally stand out.

“Graeme chose to use a conversational style, and managed to engage his audience completely. I found his material rich in content, and his slide presentation outstanding! I was completely hooked from beginning to end. I can honestly say that is it is a rare species of presenter who can retain any listener for that period of time. Judging from the high level of audience participation, I am sure other members of the audience would agree with me.” Colin Whitehead, Foschini Fashion Group (retired)

CCLA.beSelected comments from Contact Center Leaders Association annual conference in Belgium, November 2014: Eyeopener. Gives energy and enthusiasm. Speaker with Charisma that makes them think. Exceptional. I’m a fan!!

“Your presentation is incredibly powerful and you do such a great job of delivering quite a scary message in a humorous and almost palatable way. Our leaders left your presentation feeling quite excited about lies ahead of us (if even a little nervous). I look forward to working with you again sometime soon.” Carol Jackson, Group Hr Executive: HR Department, Tiger Brands

“Just a quick note to say thanks ever so much for your contributions both in the lead up to and at the conference yesterday. And ALSO for putting together the web page for our delegates – which looks really great – you certainly over delivered! The immediate feedback was that all attendees got a lot out of it – lots of comments along the lines of ‘inspiring’ and ‘thought-provoking’ – which is exactly what we were aiming for! … Clearly yours were the stand out sessions.” Katy Tuck, Head of Network – Strategic HR Network, Middleton Burgess

“Graeme delivered a most thought provoking, interesting and engaging presentation the first event, so we invited him back…. twice! Each time he tailored his presentation to suit the different audiences, and each time they were enthralled, entertained and left contemplating his words how they can apply his new thinking to their own businesses. He is a true professional and a pleasure to work with”. Nevine Hunt, Customer Engagement Marketing & Event Planning Manager, Sabre

“On behalf of the Jo’burg Child Welfare, I would like to extend my sincerest gratitude to you for being our guest speaker at this year’s Parenting 101 workshop… The message you carried over was invaluable to all who were in attendance. It was an eye opener for many. It was a great honor and privilege to have you support us with your time, knowledge and insights.” Tracey Pitout, Jo’burg Child Welfare

“In my capacity as Regional Chairman of the Institute for Management Studies I have worked with Dr. Codrington on a number of occasions and consider his ability as a speaker to be to a very high professional standard. The senior management and executive audiences rate both the delivery style and content as excellent. I have recommended Dr. Codrington to a number of my international corporate clients with excellent feedback on every occasion. I have no hesitation in recommending him.” Mike Matthews, Chairman London, Institute for Management Studies

Participants feedback on IMS program in Cleveland:
“This was the most informative and beneficial IMS development opportunity I have been to.”
“Great subject area and educator.”
“The whole day was very thought provoking.”

“Your session was well received by the HR Leadership team and generally people were very complimentary of your thought provoking talk and insights of the future. For me it nicely set the tone for discussions around our people strategy over the subsequent two days. Thanks once again.” Greg Nortje, Manager: HR Projects and Governance, BHP Billiton

“Your workshop was very thought provoking – probably more so than any other leadership keynote we have delivered in Harrods. Participants called it really interesting, refreshing, wonderful! Eye opening. Left me wanting to hear more.” Paula West, Learning and Development, Harrods

“The feedback I had was how it made people stop and think about how they act. Graeme had the whole audience entranced with his engaging presentation style and that was no mean feat after a whole day of presentations and being last on at 4pm! The content was absolutely spot on for our audience.” Julie Pizzey, Marketing and Communications Executive, FSDF (Food Storage and Delivery Federation)

“I have now seen Graeme Codrington present quite a few times, but I never tire of it even if I have just seen him the day before. Our guests on both our recent NEC conferences in South Africa were as mesmerized as I was. His presentations are right on the money and are also brought with such great examples and use of humor that it remains a joy to watch. His vision of current and future trends is so fascinating that it influences whole groups of people to embrace new technologies, which is to me is the highest praise possible.” Karien Ciggaar, Sales Director Southern Africa, NEC Unified Solutions

“Thank you sincerely for a first class presentation. In 16 years of running events for our members, this was the best presentation on future trends we’ve ever had. Many of our members have requested your details and I am sure you’ll be back in Ireland soon.” David Fitzsimons, Chief Executive Officer, Retail Excellence Ireland

“I would like to thank you for making this year’s programme such a success. Your whole hearted participation was a key ingredient. Your presentation, based on genuine research and delivered with authority and presence, was highly praised by all whom I spoke to. Once again thank you for coming and sharing your insights with us and thank you for joining in the way you did.” Jonathan Thornton, Director Corporate Affairs Rexam PLC

“Our sincere THANK YOU for your support and facilitation, both in Singapore and Hong Kong. We have had amazing feedback from participants and our senior leaders that attended [the one day New Director’s Program you designed and ran for us]. You left the participants with a strong sense of what it means to be a leader and the importance of being true to their own values and beliefs. There also seemed to have been a sense of pride in the room for working in an organization where leadership truly matters and is displayed at senior level.” Sara Hallström, Business School, Leadership Institute APAC, Credit Suisse

“Graeme is an inspiring thought leader. His presentation skills are amongst the best I have seen, his content is relevant and thought inspiring an all Graeme’s presentations are peppered with just the right amount of humor. I love his work & never have a moment’s anxiety when Graeme is keynote speaker. I in fact look forward with huge anticipation to new material which he regularly introduces.” Bronwynn Tippett, Marketing Manager, Tracker

“Thank you for your work today. It was very much appreciated, and you left us with many talking points to follow up. One participant said it was the best session he had been at. Quiet, calm, authoritative, you kept every one engaged the whole way. The Members judged your material as first rate.” Alastair Muir, Vistage Chair – Scotland

“Graeme delivered a riveting and engaging workshop – hands down the best future trends content I have seen. Our participants had an eye opening experience and began to look at the world in a new way immediately. He gave them a new lens to view their businesses and indeed, the world around them.” Shannon Knott, Project Director (Haniel), Duke Corporate Education

“This was one of the best sessions we’ve had in the last 5 years. Graeme did a fabulous job presenting important information in a very entertaining way. It was absolutely fantastic!”
      Stephanie Porter, Director: Customer Programs, Amdocs Marketing Group

“Your presentation was just outstanding!!! The content and your personal approach. Everybody is still talking about it…. Once again accept my sincere congratulations on your presentation / provocation last week. Everybody was quite touched by your approach – a clear evidence of this were the constant references about ‘generation GAPs’ which spontaneously appeared along the remaining workshops.”
      Sonia Lara Nunes and Teresa Passos, dynargie, Portugal and Europe

“Thank you for your wonderful contribution to the Portsmouth Diocesan Conference. I offer our thanks for giving us not only your stimulating, thoughtful and enjoyable presentation but also your energy and time before and after. Many have spoken to me about ‘the penny dropping’ for them as they listened and we look forward to a continuing partnership and dialogue with you.” The Rt Revd Christopher Foster, The Bishop of Portsmouth, Diocese of Portsmouth

“Graeme’s talks are always inspiring and thought-provoking; his topic is well-researched and the message, although serious, is delivered in a humorous and informal manner. His presentations are always extremely well received by our audiences and his talks have certainly had a favourable impact on the way in which we conduct business. In particular, Graeme’s presentation on ‘The New Generation’ has been a consistent favourite with our audiences. It is a pleasure to work with Dr Codrington and his professionalism (on and off the stage), together with his values, result in a wonderful working relationship. I can highly recommend him as a speaker.”
      Allen Swiegers, Chief Operating Officer, Deloitte, Southern Africa

“When Graeme speaks the world begins to glow with possibility. He is a creative and dynamic thinker who in turn generates good thinking because he is deeply intelligent, able to think beyond the confines of any institution or mind set and his interpretations about the future are meaningful. Graeme brings energy and passion and a sense of purpose to any process in which he is involved. It is a privilege to listen to Graeme; he will change your thinking; he will get you or your organization shifting!” Meg Fargher, Educational consultant, author, and Headmistress of St Mary’s School for Girls, Waverley

“Lightning bolts conveying information depicting new realities which were so blindly obvious we missed them!”
      Paul Newton, Head of UK Marketing, National Australia Bank, UK & Europe

“Graeme was a superb feature at our recent conference. His insightful, yet witty, approach meant that our delegates were always engaged and genuinely wanted to hear more. He left all who attended with practical help to deal with getting the best out of the new world of work. I would not hesitate to recommend Graeme.”
Scott Pendry, Group Policy Advisor, Recruitment and Employment Confederation

“Quite simply the most useful and thought provoking management seminar I have ever been on!” Doug Alexander, Partner at AlphaPet – commenting on the Total Vet Insurance Think Tank run by Graeme Codrington

“Graeme was fantastic – exactly what I wanted to open our Forum, everyone was interested in what he had to say and he of course has great delivery, just the right tone – that set the Forum up for the rest of the time.”
Nevine Hunt, Customer Engagement Marketing & Event Planning Manager, EMEA Sabre Holdings

“Definitely the highlight of the conference! Excellent session and charismatic speaker. Superb. Challenging, mind boggling – cannot rate highly enough – best in show! Please get Graeme to speak again. Thoroughly enjoyed this presentation. Interactive, insightful, captivating – one of the best workshops going.”
Louise Cole (summarising participant feedback), Professional Development & Governance, Association of University Administrators

“We all thoroughly enjoyed your presentation, it created a real ‘buzz in the room’ which is always a positive sign! You gave us much to think about as we move forward with our school improvement agenda here in Havering. Thank you again for such a high quality input.”
      Sue Butterworth, Head of Learning & Achievement, London Borough of Havering

“Graeme has been one of the stars on The Academy for Chief Executives circuit for many years. His material is leading edge, his style is collaborative and involving and his results are first class, every time. I would put him in the top ten speakers on the planet.”
      Phil Jesson, Chairman and Speaker Development Director, Academy for Chief Executives, UK

“Graeme was participating to a global event delivery in Vienna, which we created to one of our clients. Throughout the whole process he has been enthusiastic and creative person adding value to our clients event. His role was a keynote speaker, but he certainly did put him self into delivering the perfect content matching the events objectives. Great eventROI including great marks from the participants! He is just very good. ”
      Mika Lehtinen, Troi Helsinki, for client: F-Secure

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“From the first moment I heard Dr Graeme Codrington I thought he was fresh and different from any other speaker I have heard.    He is an engaging and thought provoking personality and it doesn’t surprise me that the Academy for Chief Executives voted him speaker of the year and top business schools frequently invite him back for presentations.  He is a new force to be reckoned with and a man to be listened to about the shifts in technology, environment, business and social values which impact daily life.”
      Jan Jenkins, owner and founder, Room54 Speakers Agency

“The presentation was hugely entertaining and I felt was well delivered and adapted to what was a very mixed audience, both in terms of age and seniority. Graeme delivered a hugely entertaining and valuable insight into the Generation Gap. The presentation helps build around all those aspects of age and behaviour that we all know exist but find hard to define. I would recommend this presentation to anyone who works with or has business relationships with anyone out of their own age group – that’ll be everyone then!
      Andy Baxter, Director, Clarion Retail, England

“Graeme brings to his sessions not only pertinent understanding of strategy, economies and generational differences, but also challenges members of his audience to bring about essential change in their approach to individuals and markets. I’ve seen this inspire leaders to create sustainable, profitable and ethical futures for their organisations. His professional approach and clear expertise brings immediate rapport with his audiences. This, coupled with the obvious backing of research for the content he presents, makes his presentations immediately worthwhile. The greatest impact of his sessions in my mind however is how he enables people to make the necessary decisions that lead to sustainable growth, at both an organisational and individual level.”
      Dr Charlene Lew, CSP: Senior Programme Manager, Gordon Institute of Business Science

“Graeme is an outstanding presenter. We at the Wits Business School have used his services on many occasions and always with excellent results. Not only is his content thought provoking, but his style of delivery is both engaging and memorable.”
      Prof Conrad Viedge, University of Witwatersrand Business School

“I write to thank you warmly for your outstanding presentation to our National Board, followed by the valued workshop with our Executive Committee. The benefits are being seen in increased understandings, using a common language and preparing to ‘raise the game’ in strategic thinking. Your collaborative preparation became evidenced in the way in which you used our own internal vocabulary and examples to illustrate more generic conceptual frameworks. Our teams appreciated the tone and engaging style of the presentations, and then the rigour of the workshop challenges. This work has ensured an excellent preparation for our UK-wide strategic development.”
      Derek Twine CBE, Chief Executive, The Scout Association UK

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“I had the brilliant opportunity to be part of two of Graeme’s lectures here in Tallinn (07.10 and 08.10.2009). He is amazing speaker, who is able to connect with people. He delivers his message with ease and makes us remember that there is always ongoing change around us. Changing is our key to success in business as well as managing the state. His generation theories background enables to show it well.”
      Kaur Lass, Juhatuse liige / CEO, OÜ Head

“WesBank is proud to have had the opportunity to work with Graeme Codrington for a number of very high profile conventions hosted or sponsored by ourselves over the past 5 years. Graeme’s ability to share his wisdom, knowledge, business understanding and strategies surpasses any speaker we have been exposed to. Furthermore, Graeme and his team have always been open to engaging us on the theme/topic for the event and tailor-making their presentations to suit the very specific industry or market needs. This is hugely beneficial as we know we can rely on him to research and understand our industry comprehensively, before embarking on the presentation compilation. Graeme’s professional excellence as well as his entertaining and amusing presentation style, is what sets him apart.”
      Michelle Cowburn, Head of Events & Sponsorships, WesBank

“Graeme – you are a legend! The feedback has been quite phenomenal – people are completely stunned by your presentation, (content and delivery), your warmth and humour and of course your charm. Those who know me are aware that I am very critical of speakers because I am a communications trainer by profession and I have been spoilt by seeing the BEST – well, you are right up there with them! If I had to adjudicate you, you would score 99% and I never award marks above 95%!!! We look forward to your next book and presentation. Congratulations and best of luck.”
      Tina Thomson, National Administrator, Business Women’s Association

“Graeme facilitated a day long strategy development session with the Academy for Chief Executives. I was impressed with his approach before the event as he worked hard to understand both our context and our specific outcomes, and then custom-designed a process that would work for us. On the day, his facilitation style allowed everyone to contribute, but ensured that no-one dominated proceedings, and he led us masterfully through some difficult issues to an excellent outcome for our meeting. Graeme has an excellent ability to manage a meeting, guide discussions without imposing himself, and ensure that you reach your desired outcomes. I highly recommend him as a facilitator for strategy development sessions.”
      Simon Lester, Executive Chairman, Academy for Chief Executives

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“Graeme is one of those rare individuals who is a true professional and humanitarian. Please read whatever he writes, and listen to him whenever you get the chance to hear him speak. His work will influence others, change lives and ultimately make this world a better place to live.”
      Mark LeBlanc, 2007-2008 President, National Speakers Association, USA

Click here to see a 3 minute testimonial video uploaded at YouTube, from Sharon Kersten, ex Managing Director of Nedbank Retail, a division of Old Mutual. She talks about some of the consulting work done in a large retail bank, as well as a specific roadshow presentation programme Graeme was involved in.

“I led an uncontested standing ovation for Graeme Codrington at Sun City. I’ve never done this for any other presenter or speaker – anywhere. Graeme is the first fresh ‘voice’ and talent I’ve heard in the last ten years. I recommend his presentations and books to my closest personal and business friends. If you want to experience a breath of fresh air among your neurons, go listen to or read Graeme Codrington.”
      Clive Simpkins, speaker, journalist, author, marketing & communications strategist

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“Graeme has presented on a number of occasions to groups of entrepreneurs in our Franchise Academy. When he first presented ‘Generations’, they were enthralled. ‘Generations’ became a new way for them to focus on their business from a recruitment and coaching perspective. Always at the cutting edge off social phenomenon and interpretation, Graeme has an incredible gift of making his presentations memorable for his audience.
I was privileged enough to brief Graeme on presentations that were probably unique to our circumstances. Never one to miss the mark, the research was thorough and, in presentation, far more than expected. Graeme is highly recommended.”
      Chris Luck, Head: Strategic Partners, Liberty Life

Click here to see a 2 minute testimonial video uploaded at YouTube, from Sepehr Tarverdian, Iran’s leading conference organiser and speaker agent.

“Brilliant presentation, a lot of people had obviously never thought of the concept before, and were truly blown away by it.”
      Graham Strugnell, Marshall Wooldridge insurance brokers and independent financial advisors, UK

“Graeme surpassed the quality of any speaker we’ve ever had. We laughed, we cried but, mostly we sat enraptured. The man is, in my opinion, the best public speaker on the South African circuit and I could happily watch his presentation over and over again. Brilliant!”
      Executive Director, LP Gas Association

“Unbelievable – what a great presenter & topic. Graeme is probably the most dynamic presenter we have ever had at a conference. It was a pleasure to have him on our Agenda.”
      J van Schalkwyk, Group Marketing Manager, Relyant Trading

“Just a short note to say how much we all enjoyed your presentation on ‘Generations’ at our conference in Zimbabwe last month. Aside from the lighter moments, of which there were many, and some revealing ‘home truths’ about how our thinking and behaviour appears to have been conditioned by all the different eras in which we were born, ‘Generations’ has important messages for us all, both in our personal and professional lives. It was a very informative and entertaining presentation which still has many of us thinking!”
      Don MacLeod, MD, Illovo Sugar

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“I’d just like to say that I really enjoyed your presentation at the Sage Pastel World Conference. It was enteraining and enlightening and very relevant to me as we are currently turning our attention to improving our people management. When it comes to ‘motivational speakers’ I am a hard person to please as I’ve had some poor experiences in the past. However, you broke down my barriers almost immediately. The other delegates were raving about your presentation all night, recounting not only what was delivered but how it was delivered! Thank you again.”
      Ben O’Brien, Finance & Services Director, Sybiz Software, Australia

“Your presentation was extremely good and you connected very well with the audience. Danish Auditors are often a very silent and kind of ‘withdrawn’ people, which can be hard to speak to if one expects a lot of feedback. However you managed to connect with them and all over the profession many people now talk about your insights.”
      Charlotte Rosendahl Dohm, Senior Manager, M&A TAX, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Denmark

“Graeme and TomorrowToday gave us a completely new and refreshing way of understanding the motivations and triggers for our customers and distributors, which I already find myself mentally referring to on a daily basis.”
      Helen Webb, Winterthur Wealth Management, AXA Group, UK

“In the 4 years that I lead the Businesswomen’s Association: firstly at Branch level, (in 2003 in Pretoria) followed by 3 years at a National level, I engaged Graeme many times to address my members. His presentations and workshops were conducted throughout the country at the 9 branches of the organisation. The feedback forms from over 3,000 members and branch chairmen always awarded Graeme top scores. His exceptional presentations skills coupled with his extensive knowledge were a winning recipe throughout the country. His novel approach to a variety of topics and issues that affect women in business was refreshing and practical. His book, Mind over Money, was printed by our sponsor, Nedbank, and to this day, it is a resource for the thousands of businesswomen who recieved a copy from the Association.”
      Tina Thomson, National Administrator, Business Women’s Association

“Graeme presented at a keynote at my company’s national convention. The presentation was appropriately customised to our retail environment and product categories. The address has left a lasting impression on my senior management and directors…. to enable them to deal more professionally with divergent customer profiles, and relate to their colleagues with more tolerance and understanding. I have no hesitation in recommending dr Codrington to any forward thinking organisation. His message and delivery are out of the top drawer!”
      Issy Zimmerman, Director, Redgwoods (Toys R Us, Reggies, Baby and Company, Little People)

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“Graeme is a unique presenter and has an extraordinary mind. He is quite simply a global expert on sustainability and how our future generations will shape the world. He has a profound understanding in the environmental field. Graeme is and will continue to be a real benefit to major organisations, as he travels the world helping us to understand how to build our businesses for the long term. He is a true professional and I highly recommend him to any business looking to succeed in these interesting times!”
      Craig Goldblatt, MD, Craig Goldblatt Ltd

“Graeme is a simply outstanding speaker. His content, which is based on detailed research, is awesome and is put over in an authoritative and entertaining way such that the very important messages – particularly on the environment and the next generation – are balanced and highly thought provoking. You could not do better.”
      Roger Harrop, “The CEO Expert”, past President of the PSA UK

“Graeme’s presentation to the SA Business Club (United Kingdom) in September 2008 was a highlight of the year for our members. The content of “Mind the Gap” was eye-opening and entertaining – I can highly recommend it as a fun way of coming to a better understanding of colleagues and clients from different generations.”
      Scott Burnett, South African Business Club (London, UK)

“I have worked for many of the same clients as Graeme… and one thing is certain: at the mention of his name, client responses are always the same. Of course they speak highly of his professionalism and engaging style. But such endorsement is almost commonplace among seasoned presenters. What always stands out when it comes to Graeme though, is the fact that clients always make mention of how current and relevant he is. That he relates to their specific environment. And that the real impact of his work with them lasted long after the presentation was done.”
      Stef du Plessis, Owner, The Effectiveness Group

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“In every professional field there are people you trust and can recommend without hesitation. Graeme Codrington is such a person: Super intelligent, expert in the field of generation theory, great speaker. I saw him get a standing ovation as speaker in the UK – the only person to get a standing ovation at a 3 day event for professional speakers!”
      Gustav Gous, Owner, Short Walk Seminars

“I don’t recommend people lightly – but have no hesitation in saying that Graeme Coddrington is a truly unique and inspirational speaker and thinker. I’ve heard conference speakers across the globe and can say that Graeme rates with the very best.”
      Steve Simpson, Owner, Keystone Management Services

“Graeme’s knowledge and charisma on the platform is enthralling, his abilities as a story teller take you on the journey with him, leave all baggage at the door and commit the time to listen and learn.”
      Mike Pagan, Making Busyness Simple

“Excellent, interesting, and insightful presentation covering a part of team building and leadership theory that we have not heard before, yet is fundamental to developing our management skills. Graeme kept the group’s attention for the entire morning, and in fact left them wanting more. He is in my mind one of the two best new speakers I have heard in the last couple of years. This guy is a must.”
      Barrie Barrett, Academy of Chief Executives, UK

“Graeme is an extremely engaging, humorous and entertaining speaker – a real breath of fresh air. His presentation style is polished, but relaxed. He ‘reads’ his audience quickly and speaks to them in a language that they can identify with and understand. He is extremely professional and was a delight to deal with during the organization of our event. He also spent time after the presentation patiently answering questions and offering guidelines to an enthused audience. He was, quite literally, the highlight of our 2008 breakfast! We received – and are still receiving – positive feedback about Graeme and the event. Given the opportunity, we would eagerly work with Graeme again and have no hesitation in highly recommending him.”
      Lynne Bezuidenhout, OD, First Rand banking

“Excellent. Graeme was extremely passionate, informed and insightful on the subject. He was also very entertaining. I would say by far the best speaker we have had. Would like to have had more time.”
      Susan Rousseau, Client Development Manager, Insource.ICT

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“Finlay is an events company which hosts breakfasts aimed at the top level business people. We host on average 5 events per month, and attract between 200 and 1000 people per event. We have worked with Graeme for several years, where he has been a speaker at our events. Graeme has been a 100% reliable in his undertakings.
Graeme speaks confidently on a range of subjects. The topics have always been relevant to the business community and our breakfasts for these topics have been sold out. His topics appeal to middle, senior and top level management. His content is thought provoking and provides the audience with compelling reasons to change their current views and way of thinking.
Graeme has an excellent style of speaking and he comes across with humility. He is very knowledgeable on the topics. His presentations contain the right level of humour and seriousness so as hold the audience throughout. His presentation material is professionally put together and his co-ordination of speaking and visual material is flawlessly executed. Overall Graeme is one of the most professional speakers that we work with.”
      Lynette Finlay, Founder, Finlay & Associates

“Thank you for presenting ‘Hannah’s Rules’. It has been haunting me for several reasons:
1) You are the consummate professional. I thoroughly appreciated your contextual comments at the start, and you conveyed your message with extreme eloquence and understanding.
2) ‘Green’ is the topic du jour… and yet you made your speech relevant to all in the audience from Hannah’s perspective. Most of us have a ‘Hannah’ in our lives, or have been a ‘Hannah’, so the voice of your speech is quite humane… and your style of delivery is a perfect fit. And I can see how your speech can expand and contract as negotiated with the client/buyer and/or the audience in the moment.
3) Your closing segment of Nickleback’s ‘Amen’ is a great song… and it has been echoing in my head!
4) And, for years, I have been a proponent of ‘green’ strategies, and I am not a tree hugger, either… but you gave a fresh perspective that I thoroughly enjoyed.”
      Kristin Arnold, President, Quality Process Consultants Inc

“I recently had the pleasure of sharing the speaking platform with Graeme in Iran and as always Graeme was highly professional and world class. In his personal capacity Graeme is inspirational and giving of his time and knowledge. He is a brilliant speaker and consultant who adds huge value to his audiences and clients – giving them the edge to take their relationships and businesses to new heights.”
      Grant Driver, International Speaker, Executive and Business Coach

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“Thanks for the candid talk you gave last week at our National sales meeting. I have been in the game for almost 20 years and it is the most insightful lecture that I have heard.”
      Stephen White, DePuy Mitek – a Johnson & Johnson Company

“Graeme has assisted in Sappi’s Leadership Academy initiatives over the last six years, delivering presentations and workshops on various subjects, both with various management teams as well as our Sappi Leadership Academy talent development initiatives. The emphasis has been on stimulating thought around Generational Theory and management thereof and stimulating leadership behavior change regarding the future demands of new talent entering our organization. Graeme has been part of our ‘development of leadership’ competence regarding Strategic Thinking and Leading Others with our yearly Academy delegates. His work and presentations have been well received and have contributed to achieving real change in Leadership behavior through exploring new thinking about people.”
      Mike Truelock, HR Development Manager, Sappi Southern Africa

“Over the past few years I have been fortunate to work with Graeme and attend various presentations related to the world at work. In my capacity as Executive Committee Member of the South African Reward Association we utilised Graeme for a number of our conference events with great success. The briefs were always concise and carried out expertly in line with our expectations.
In February 2008 our company Remchannel launched a new Job Evaluation product and we asked Graeme to prepare a presentation with the focus on workforce diversity and work/life balance. Our clients received the presentation exceptionally well and it contributed to a very successful launch.
I would personally recommend Graeme based on his knowledge of the subject matter and his ability to read an audience. The presentations are always presented in such a fashion that the audience is fully engaged.”
      Rene Richter, Managing Director, Remchannel

“My Chapter (Young Presidents Organisation) recently had the pleasure of participating in a lecture and then follow up workshop with TomorrowToday.biz. Graeme Codrington’s presentation literally blew the socks off all who participated. I recently utilized their services to present the future business plan for a Chamber of Commerce that I chair and after presenting the plan , utilizing this company to produce the multi-media presentation, received outstanding compliments, including personal compliments from Mr. FW De Klerk (our previous State President) as well as from John Samuels (CEO of Nelson Mandela’s Foundation). In fact a copy of the presentation was presented to Mr. Mandela at the request of his office.”
      Marc Lubner, Africa Gateway Chapter, Young Presidents Organisation

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“Graeme’s talk is amazing. Everyone that listens to him has some sort of connection to what he talks about. He is witty and amusing. He received a 9.9 (out of 10) rating at our event. We would definitely recommend Graeme.”
      Anita Carelse-Juul, Johannesburg Chapter, Young Presidents Organisation

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“Graeme Codrington is one of a rare breed of ‘change guru’s’, who manages to combine a deep and predictive understanding of the future with broad existential overtones which touch on the concepts of a purposeful and meaningful life, enabled by man’s radical freedom to make the choices that matter . His message is sublimely delivered with an evangelical compulsion born out of absolute credibility, even when his futuroscope itself tempts one’s incredulity . His dedication and commitment to sharing his views of our inheritance has made it a non negotiable prerogative for each one of us to listen and to attempt ourselves to comprehend his vision. When we take this opportunity, we will then consequently all be better prepared to make the seminal decisions in our lives to both enrich our future and then also to give us the strength and the fortitude to shape and create the sort of legacy we want and which we all deserve.”
      Professor Matthias Haus, Visiting Professor of Medicine, University of Cape Town and MD and Executive Medical Director: AstraZeneca Pharmaceutical

“Graeme Codrington has on many occasions presented at the University of Witwatersrand Business School on our executive programmes. His work on Generational Theory has always been exceptionally well received. Based on Graeme’s past performance we asked him to present to the international gathering of 53 business Schools that was held in Johannesburg in 2007. Once again his presentation drew accolades from the audience. We believe that Graeme’s work on Generational Theory is essential for business leaders, as it allows them to understand and empathise with people from different generations to their own. On a personal note we have always found Graeme to be a pleasure to deal with and a true professional.”
      Prof Conrad Viedge, Director: International Executive Programmes, WITS Business School

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“Dr Graeme Codrington gave a very professional and content rich workshop to my ACE Group. His ‘Mind the Gap’ workshop was unique in that in the 6 years that I’ve been a chairman, I had never seen the subject of communications approached in such a thought provoking manner. His talk gave new insights into how we should communicate with our work colleagues and potential clients in that the values in the various generations, vary to a marked degree, particularly when contrasting the ‘silent generation’ with the ‘boomers’. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr Codrington to any chairman who has an open minded group, willing to take on new concepts and approaches to the never-ending and exciting area of language and communication.”
      Joe Adams, Chairman, Academy for Chief Executives, UK

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