TomorrowToday Foundation

Graeme is passionately committed to the goal of eradicating extreme poverty within in a generation. This is an ambitious global initiative spearheaded by the charity, “The Global Poverty Project“. Graeme volunteers at this charity, sharing their remarkable presentation, “1.4 billion reasons” with people around the world, providing insight and inspiration for the fight against extreme poverty.

Graeme’s company, TomorrowToday launched a Foundation in 2013, which aims to raise funds and support local health and educational initiatives across South Africa. The Foundation is full registered and able to provide tax certificates. For donors in South Africa, these donations will therefore be tax deductible. For more details see here.

There is good news. In the last thirty years, we have already been able to halve the number of people living in extreme poverty, from nearly 50% of the world population to just over 20% today (See a graph from The Economist showing a regional breakdown of this information here). But that’s still over a billion people who live on the equivalent of $1.25 a day. In essence, these people will die because they are poor, and have very few choices in life.

Once a year, Graeme does a fund raiser called “Live Below the Line” in which he attempts to eat and drink for $1.25 a day for a week. Here is a video reflection on the 2011 Live Below the Line experience:

Graeme and his family are also personally invested in the fight against poverty, as their youngest daughter reminds them of the very real personal decisions people caught in extreme poverty have to make. Here is Graeme’s family in 2010:

Codrington family 2010

If we all do something we can achieve this goal of eradicating extreme poverty within a generation. What are you doing? If you need some help or inspiration, then look at the Global Poverty Project’s “Take Action” page.