Graeme is an expert on the new world of work, providing strategic insights for organisations that are thinking about and planning for the future. His insights can be delivered in a number of formats – please follow the links below:
Graeme in action

  • Presentations – this is Graeme’s primary means of delivering value, either as a keynote presenter at a conference, strategy session or team function, or more detailed interactive seminars at working sessions with your team. Graeme is consistently rated the best speaker at international conferences and has won numerous awards for his expert presentations (read some client comments here).

  • Board Advisory services – Graeme provides strategic insights, forward-thinking industry analysis and ongoing advice to a few key business leaders. He is available to these leaders on an ‘as needed’ basis – always there at the other end of a phone call or email. His advice covers both personal and business issues.

  • Workshops – Graeme is able to go into more depth and help you really apply his insights to your specific circumstances through workshops. These can be from a half day to two full days. Graeme not only provides expert inputs, but can also facilitate the workshops and will work with you to custom design the event for maximum benefit and a perfect fit with your required outcomes. As part of the TomorrowToday team, Graeme is able to follow up his presentations and workshops with practical interventions that make the learnings stick and ensure maximum benefit for his clients.

  • Facilitation and compere – Graeme is available to facilitate your conference or strategy session. He typically combines this work with one of his keynote presentations or workshops, but is also available as an expert facilitator. He is not merely a “links man”, but will interview the content providers for your event, and ensure that the entire event runs as a cohesive, structured whole, with a strong and consistent message throughout.

  • Resources – Graeme writes and records many of his insights. He has a number of blog sites, including TomorrowToday’s daily blog; he has published a number of books and white papers, and he records infrequent podcasts.

  • Videos of Graeme in action – in addition to the training videos, Graeme has made snippets of a number of his programmes available on YouTube. Click here for a full listing.

Contact Graeme for more information or to enquire about a booking.

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