BooksGraeme is the author of four best-selling books published by Penguin. His well-researched books are accessible and practical, and referred to regularly by business leaders.

Graeme also regularly writes white papers and in-depth articles on relevant topics for his clients. He is also a prolific writer of blogs and contributes regularly to media publications. All of this work supports and complements his work with his clients, helping them to understand – and take advantage of – the disruptive forces shaping the new world of work.

Follow these links for details of Graeme’s written resources:

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4 Responses to Published books and articles

  1. Taassobi says:

    I am very glad to inform you that your very good presentation in Yazd ( Iran ) gave me more information about the gap between generations. Thank you

  2. Hi Graeme

    during this presentation you mention people who do online work, if I remember correctly — or a central place where job offers are made and those who want to do the job put in a bid and do it… Do u have any URLs to share?

    Ive started reading about online work from home and boy oh boy there are scams galore…

    BTW — how was your visit to Rugby — there where it all began??? LOL

  3. […] **UPDATE** – BOOK RECOMMENDATION I had the pleasure of filming Graeme Codrington this week (follow him at @workforcetrends).  He recommended the book “Everything is Obvious* *…once you know the answer“.  You can also see his books here. […]

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